In 2013, Deke and I thought it would be interesting to tap a couple of our Maple trees and see what would happen..... we were hooked!  Well...2017 is coming upon us and we will be open for business with an official sugar shack and an evaporator to produce our maple syrup!

We caught the bug (the maple bug) and are so excited to fire up the wood burning evaporator in March to make the best syrup you've ever tasted!

The best part,  is that it comes from sap from your trees and your neighbor's trees.  Once one home joins the team, others want to as well. Towards the end of a dreary winter, it's such a fun activity to be part of.

Now, what do you need to do?  Nothing!  We will tap your trees in February when the sap is getting ready to run.   We'll come by, sometimes every day, to collect the sap. If you would like to be part of this, we would welcome the help, but there is no need for you to trudge through the snow. At the end of the season, we will collect the taps and buckets and bring you a half pint of syrup made in part from your trees!

How cool is that!  /  603.997.6788  /  46 Crank Rd, Hampton Falls, NH 03842

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